A newly created world-class Company dedicated to the production and distribution of Hass Avocados. One of our main features is our certified harvesting and carriage equipment, wich allows us to deliver the highest standards of food safety.

Chahena Avocados is located in Uruapan, Michoacán. This city is well known as the Avocado Capital of the World because it has all the enviromental characteristics that allow for a yearlong, uninterrupted production of Avocado.



Our mission is to deliver our product to consumers around the globe by offering a product with the highest quality standards and food safety while also achieving total customer satisfaction and constant growth with the opening of new markers.



Aguacates Chahena was established in the area of Cupatitzio in 2008. Since its creation, Chahena has focused on showing a great sense of social responsibility, always giving importance to the improvement of our supply chain process and most of all providing excellent service to our clients, suppliers as well as to other collaborators.

We have international certifications and we have also implemented a modern infrastructure system that allows us to guarantee the best product delivered just-on-time.